Playing with toys

Well yesterday was definitely a day well earned after my hectic week last week! I had 8 assignments due as well as 2 midterms! But of course I got it all handed in on time and put 110% effort into everything! Of the 8 assignments one of them was my car composite assignment. For this assignment we had to photograph a scene to use for the background of our composite, and then photograph a toy car in studio. Once we had both parts shot we then had to photoshop them together to get a realistic looking image.

As with any other project I wanted to do something a little different, but I wasn’t sure how I was going to do that with this composite. As I was looking for a toy car or truck I could shoot, I remembered that my brother had some toy tractors. I figured what better way to be different than all the others than by being the one thing that most people in my program aren’t; be country and show my country side! So I picked my tractor and went to my Uncles’ farm to shoot my background. Because I didn’t’ want the difficulties of shooting a background in snow and having to make the tractor look like it was in snow, I ended up shooting my Uncles’ implement shed. Luckily they had one of the tractors out of the shed so I could shoot the empty space and then add in my tractor in photoshop once I had photographed it!

The first image is the background shot of the implement shed. To show how small the toy tractor is I shot the toy tractor in the background so you can get a sense of size/scale. The second image is the image of the tractor I shot in the studio with the Hasselblad camera.


And this is my final composite!


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