Creating art with science

Who would have thought that you could create beautiful images, through science experiments, using basic things you can find around your home?Yesterday I stumbled upon some pretty cool images showing all different kinds of science experiments you could do at home. I was really interested by some of them, because I didn’t understand how they worked. The one I tried yesterday was pretty basic; milk, food colouring and dish soap. According to the website you pour milk onto a flat surface, like a plate, pour a couple of drops of food colouring onto the milk, and then pour a drop or two of dish soap onto the coloured milk. It sounded really simple, but looked really cool!I was really interested to learn the science behind all of it too, so I did a little research and this is what I found. The whole reason behind dish soap is to break down fat, usually the fat on our dishes left over from the food we eat, but there is also fat in milk. When the dish soap is dropped onto the plate/tray of milk it is trying to break down the fat in the milk. While it is trying to break the fat down, the soap causes the colours to scatter and mix creating a beautiful display.

At first I only dropped a few drops of one colour to the milk, but then I experimented with combining multiple colours and adding more drops of dish soap later on too and it created some really different looks! While I was reviewing all the images I took of the process, I decided to create yet another time lapse of all the images! I love the flow and movement of the chemical reaction of the milk and dish soap and how it causes the colours to create such beautiful images!

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