Lights, Camera, Shoot!

As my graduation gallery show comes closer, I continue to shoot more and more so I can create a dynamite portfolio book. This past week I was all about getting more portraits and it showed me the advantages and disadvantages between studio light and natural light. With studio lights I have total control over the intensity and direction of the light; with natural light I do not. Studio lights made it a little easier to create well lit images where I could pose the model and then move the light to achieve the right feeling, intensity or direction that I wanted. With natural light I didn’t have this same freedom. I found the key to creating well-lit images with natural light was to pose the model into the light. So instead of working with/posing the model first, I had to find the direction of the natural light and then pose my model into that to create a well-designed image.

This first set of images was all done with studio lights on location.

This second set of images was done with natural light. Overall both light types create beautiful images, it’s just the process of how you get those images that is different.

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