Little colour droplets

As my last year slowly comes to an end I find myself shooting different things on my free time to see what I can do. One experiment I tried a while back involved milk, food colouring and dish soap. I decided to play along those same lines, but experiment with motion.

The setup was basically the same; I put milk on a plate and then had Ainsleigh assist me by dropping the food colouring onto the milk while I shot the image. The key to capturing the perfect image was timing. If I pressed the shutter too early I would end up with just a little drop above the milk, and if I pressed the shutter too late I ended up with a big hole (which I started to call the ‘bullet hole’) of just after the food colouring splashed into the milk. I also experimented with the mixing of the different colours, which I thought turned out pretty cool as well! In the end we put a whole bunch of different colours together to create this really cool marble effect (the last image posted below).

As much as I loved freezing the drops in my still images I also wanted to get some behind the scenes footage as well. So Ainsleigh set up her camera just below mine and recorded a short clip near the end of our shoot so you can see how we got the marble effect at the very end. The video looks fuzzy but that’s just because we put a sheet of plastic in front of the camera so that the milk wouldn’t splash up onto the lens.

You’ll see some more of my milk splash images at my graduating class’ portfolio show at Twist Gallery, on April 11 starting at 3pm! So don’t forget to come check it out! Here’s a link to the Facebook event page as well! We just installed the gallery images last night!!


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