Cross it off my bucket list

Although the weather hasn’t been too pleasant these last couple of days, last week we had clear skies, which made for some beautiful night viewing! Last week I got to experience the Northern Lights for the first time and it was truly spectacular! When we first set up we could barely see the lights and we weren’t sure if they were going to get any stronger, but near 2am it turned into a beautiful show! It was amazing to see the lights move and flow, just as you think the show was ending they would spike and climb higher in the sky! It was so amazing to see! We set up camp at Lake Minnewanka, which was the perfect location because there weren’t a lot of other people there, it was fairly quiet and out of town a ways so we didn’t have headlights or city lights to affect our exposures. Below are a couple of my favourite shots as well as a little time lapse I made.

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