Sunny summer days

More sunny days here in Banff! Last week on my day off I decided to enjoy the weather as much as possible! So I went for a trail ride at Holiday on Horseback in the afternoon to enjoy the land and the mountains. Then in the evening I went for a canoe ride to enjoy the water and the mountains (see a common theme there? ha ha). While I have been horseback riding before, I haven’t been on a horse in a couple of years now. And I also can’t say I’ve been horseback riding while trying to shoot pictures, which was a challenge within itself!

Canoeing while shooting pictures is another first for me as well! I’ve only been canoeing once when I was kid and that didn’t go very well for me (I was canoeing with my mom and we just kept going in circles, which caused for some great laughs!) So it was nice to try canoeing again! We ended up going at the right time so that by the time we got to Vermillion lakes the sun was slowly starting to set which gave us some beautiful light in our photos!

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