Night Lights

So the other night we were supposed to have a really good Northern Light show so I trekked out with my gear and a mug of hot chocolate to see this spectacular show. But I didn’t see any lights! It did end up being a pretty clear and starry night, which was amazing too! So instead of wasting a beautiful night I tried shooting the stars and I ended up shooting a pretty amazing time lapse of it all! Below are a couple of stills from my time lapse, which I thought were pretty amazing on their own as well!

Also went up to Johnston Canyon and went for a little midnight stroll. It was quite the experience cause things sure look different at night! Probably didn’t help that I may or may not have a slight fear of the dark still ha ha! But things sure did look beautiful with all of the stars out! I didn’t shoot as much as I would like to have since I was to busing admiring the beauty of it all with just my eyes but here are a couple of shots of what I did see!

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