Roadtrip to Jasper

Did you know that one of the most scenic and best drives in all of Canada is along the Icefeilds Parkway from Banff to Jasper?! So before the snow flew and it got too cold, me and my partner in crime, Robyn, decided to take the 4 hour drive up to Jasper and spend a couple nights out there in a tent!

Even though we had some cloudy days (and a little rain) we still got some pretty amazing shots while we were up there! Of course this isn’t all of the photos I shoot over the 3 day trip (I shot over 1100, crazy I know) but these are some of my favourites! These pictures are of Herbert Lake, Bow Lake, Peyto Lake, Sunwapta Falls, Maligne Lake, Medicine Lake, Pyramid Lake, Athabasca Falls & Tangle Falls to name a few of our pit stops! This trip was so amazing, saw some new mountains, beautiful lakes and waterfalls, and even saw a bear! I had so much fun; I wouldn’t have changed a thing!

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