Happy New Year! Bonne Année!

First post of the new year! So naturally I’m going to talk about New Year’s resolutions! If you made new year’s resolutions good luck with them! I hope you are able to stick to them and actually make a difference in your life. Did you know that only 8% of people who make resolutions are actually successful in achieving their resolution? I didn’t realize it was that small of a percentage! Apparently of all the people who make resolutions 75% of them keep their resolutions for at least one week, 71% keep them for two weeks, 64% keep them for a month, and 46% keep them for over six months! Pretty cool statistic!

I also made a new years resolution of sorts! I started a 52 week photo challenge. Every week for the whole year I have to shoot an image that represents or shows the meaning of a word and this is week 3 already! The first week my word was beginnings which was a pretty suitable start, last week my word was cold and this week my word is simplicity. I’m looking forward to seeing how this challenge improves my images and my eye. If you want to follow along with my 52 week photo challenge follow me on Instagram!

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