Snow days are not always great days…

So the snowstorm that came on Sunday night really left a lot behind! We got pretty much a foot of snow overnight, which lead to almost every bus and school being shut down for the day! It also led to what I’m calling My Most Dramatic Winter Morning Ever.

It all started with having to get all of the snow off my car, which when I’m standing in a snow bank that’s taller than my boots is no fun. Also not fun when I can’t completely clean of my windshield cause the combined length of my brush and arms doesn’t even reach half way over my windshield! I really need to get a longer brush!

Snowy Car
After being cleaned off and sitting outside for a couple of hours it’s covered in a good blanket of snow in no time.

So after all that, I had the fun time of getting though the snow bank known as the driveway! Once I got through the snow banks I thought I was set, the worst of the morning was over and done with! But no…I get maybe 20 minutes down the road only to realize I’ve left my wallet back at the house! Yup, so I had to turn around to go back and get it! So here I am back in the snow bank of a driveway! No problem I’m thinking! I got out of it the first time; I can do it again!

This is when the driveway wins, driveway 1, me 0.

Instead of backing out the same tracks I came in on, I’m somehow too far to the right and end up pretty much in the ditch on the side of the driveway, less than a foot beside a tree…. and I’m stuck spinning my wheels. Now I’m kind of freaking out thinking how am I going to get out of this, cause everyone I could call to help me get out is either too far away or at work already! So I try to back up even farther off the driveway and hope I don’t get even more stuck! Luckily I was able to back up enough to get out of the rut I had made, and I quickly shift gears and move forward out of the ditch back to safe ground. Once I got it all straightened out I backed her out again and safely got to the road so I could get on my way again.

Needless to say it was an eventful morning! The only thing I wished I had done was capture a picture of my stuck car to better explain my story, but alas in my moments of panic this didn’t occur to me! Ha ha maybe next time! 😉

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