Questions to ask your wedding photographer

Weddings can quickly become stressful once you realize how much needs to be done! I can’t help you find the perfect dress, but I can help you to find the right photographer for your day with these questions to ask your photographer.

1. When will I see the photos from the wedding?
Of course you’ll want to see your photos ASAP and the wait can seem like forever! Knowing ahead of time will help make manage your expectations. Kristi Rex Photography provides top quality work while also working quickly. Post production (ex. colour correction) takes some time, but you can expect to a sneak peak within a week of your wedding. Proofs will be available within 4 weeks after the wedding.

2. How many hours of coverage do you provide? What is the charge for overtime? 
It’s good to know up front what you can expect from your photographer, so you’ll know what events will be covered and you can plan accordingly. With Kristi Rex Photography how many hours of photography coverage depends on the wedding package you choose. We won’t ever just pack up and leave when our time’s up, but do realize that additional coverage outside of your package will be an additional cost.

3. Are you okay following a shot list?
Some photographers won’t follow a shot list and ask for your blind trust, which gives them total creative freedom. While creative freedom is good, it’s good to know that the photographer will get the shots you really want too. Kristi Rex Photography welcomes any shot lists provided. We want to get those “must-have” photos, but also realize some of the best photos happen in the moment and aren’t always planned!

4. Will the photos be retouched and colour corrected? 
These are techniques used to make the photos look more perfect. Some photographers don’t retouch or colour correct every image. Kristi Rex Photography tries to get everything perfect in camera so there isn’t as much retouching needed, which can quickly become time-consuming. Before you see the photos they will all be colour corrected and have minor retouches. Once you’ve selected the images you would like to order they will be more extensively retouched if needed.

5. What kind of products do you provide?

Kristi Rex Photography provides a variety of different products to showcase the photos of your wedding in a display and style that best suits you. We offer products such as thank you cards, save the dates, albums, canvas wraps, aluminum prints, wood prints, and much more.

6. Do I have to make a deposit? Is there a contact?
Knowing if you need to make a deposit helps you to plan and these details should all be clearly laid out in your contract. If your photographer – or any vendor – doesn’t provide a written contract, don’t book. Deposits are crucial to making sure you don’t loose your photographer to another couple who’s getting married on the same day. Make sure you know up front how much the deposit is and when it’s due so there’s no surprises. Kristi Rex Photography requires a $500 deposit and signed contract in order to secure your date.

7. Do I need a second photographer? Is there an additional fee to have one?
Second photographers/shooters provide more images from more perspectives than only one photographer can achieve. Kristi Rex Photography provides second shooters at an additional cost (cost varies based on number of coverage hours required).

8. Can I see your portfolio?
You wouldn’t hire your caterer without trying their food first, so why would you hire a photographer without seeing their work first? When looking at a photographer’s portfolio consider the following points: the diversity of their shots, how they use lighting, and how comfortable the subject’s in the photos appear. You can view portfolios of Kristi Rex Photography’s work here.

9. Can I share photos on Facebook?

Some photographers don’t allow you to share their photos on social media, if you’re a Facebook and Instagram addict this may pose a problem, so it’s good to know ahead of time. Kristi Rex Photography provides you with proofs from your wedding. These proofs all have a watermark on them. This watermark must remain on the image and cannot be cropped out of the image in any way. You are more than welcome to post these proofs on social media but the watermark must not be cropped and photo credit given to Kristi Rex Photography in the caption of the image.

10. How would you describe your photography style?
There are many different styles of wedding photography and you want to have a photographer whose style best suits your wedding. Some different styles include posed and formal, photojournalistic, creative and artistic, and traditional. Photographers with more of a photojournalistic style tend to be less obtrusive and stay in the background and photographs what happens naturally. Photographers with more of a posed and formal, or traditional style have more of a presence and take charge and choreograph more shots. Kristi Rex Photography provides a variety of different styles, depending on your wedding. We specialize in storytelling and capturing the little moments throughout the day as well as the main points.

11. What will you and your assistant wear?
Some photographers don’t understand that even as a photographer you are still a guest at the wedding and should not become a distraction by what they wear; what they wear should be a reflection of the style of your wedding. Make sure your photographers will be dressed appropriately for the occasion by telling them the style of your wedding. For instance wearing black would be appropriate for an evening wedding whereas lighter hues may be more appropriate for a daytime garden wedding. Typical attire for Kristi Rex Photography is black dress pants and a black dress shirt/blouse. We strive to match the style of your wedding so we blend into the scenery and we are unnoticed by the guests so we can capture more photojournalistic photos.

12. Will you work together with my videographer?
While photos are a key memento to remember your special day, a video will let you listen to the vows and speeches for years to come. If you’re planning on having a videographer, make sure you let your photographer know so they can coordinate together so they can stay out of each other’s way. Kristi Rex Photography is very flexible when it comes to working as a team and can work with a videographer to ensure your special day is captured in all mediums.

13. What happens if you get sick on the day of the wedding?
Wedding photographers are human and can get ill surprisingly. A good photographer will have a plan in place just in case though. Kristi Rex Photography strives to staying healthy for your wedding day and will work through minor colds & illness. In case the main photographer cannot shoot on the day of your wedding, the second photographer will become the main photographer. We have a network of other photographers who we can reach out to support the second photographer and fill in as well.

14. My wedding is outside of your area, is that a problem? 
No problem at all! Kristi Rex Photography has no problem travelling to photograph your wedding. Local weddings (locations within 75km round trip from the photographer’s home address) have no additional travel fees. Weddings outside of this local designation are subject to a charge per km after the initial 75km. Kristi Rex Photography is also available for destination weddings; all travel, accommodation, meal and transport costs are your responsibility.

15. What information do you need from me before the wedding day?
Kristi Rex Photography kindly asks that you provide the following information, in writing, before your event: confirmed schedule for the day of the event, all important addresses, additional contacts who will be able to contacted on the day of the wedding, as well as a list of “must-have” shots. Notification of any changes in schedule or location must also be made in writing to Kristi Rex Photography.

16. Do you have backup equipment with you?
Cameras are just another piece of technology and they can fail at any moment with no warning. A good photographer will have backup cameras, lenses, flashes, and memory cards so no matter what happens they won’t miss capturing a single moment. Kristi Rex Photography always has a backup of every device used on the day of your wedding.

17. What qualifications do you have?
Qualifications aren’t essential for taking spectacular photos, but it’s always reassuring to know your photographer is technically sound and can handle a variety of different situations. Kristi Rex Photography is a graduate from one of Canada’s top photography schools, Humber College, and has several years of shooting experience. Proof of this experience is shown throughout our portfolios.

18.  Now what do I do?
That’s the easy part! Let’s arrange a consult so you can tell us about your special day and we can show you some more of our work. If you’re a fair distance away we can arrange a phone or video conference call and can discuss the details that way as well.

19. Lastly ask yourself these questions:

    1. Am I comfortable with this photographer’s work and communication style? Are our personalities a good match?
    2. How do you feel talking to them? Are they interested in you or just need the money?

20. Final piece of advice: Once you’ve found the photographer you love, book them! You’d be surprised how quickly photographers book up!

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