Technology is sweet, but albums are forever

A little background info about me. I’m a proud Canadian and I love to support Canadian companies, big and small. Over the last couple of months I’ve been researching different printing companies that create great quality albums. So after weeks of research and questions and hours of computer time, I have found a Canadian album company who’s albums are handmade in Canada and who only work with professional photographers. Needless to say, I am a little excited!

This album is a flush mount album, which allows for seamless full panoramic prints that showcase an entire image across the pages. The album also comes in a box to protect the album and wrapped in a bow for the perfect finish.

Album Promo

Having a photographer to capture life’s special moments is important. But what good are those photos if you don’t admire and reflect on those moments in future years? It’s always good to have digital copies of the images, but technology does advance and leave older technologies in the dust. That makes photo albums all the more invaluable; they keep these important memories forever. It’s something you can hand down for generations and it’s a beautiful way to display your special memories!

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