Tips For Less Stressful Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is stressful, we all know that, but try not to unnecessarily stress yourself. You’ve been dreaming about your wedding forever and now you’re stoked to start planning your wedding, I get it! I was in that same boat! I was thrilled and started looking at venues, photographers, colour schemes and dresses and I was so excited! But then it quickly gets overwhelming and when things got a little derailed (the date I wanted was already booked) then I was sad and disappointed. For some reason I had it in my head that it would be all sunshine and roses and that planning would be so easy! Man was I led astray! My wedding isn’t until fall of 2018 (almost a year and a half away) and here I am stressing over the little details like decorations and flowers! I learned that I need to relax and let some things go!

Things like invitations, flowers and linens aren’t going to be remembered by your guests after the wedding so don’t stress over them, they’re just little details.

The key things to an unforgettable wedding are simple.

  1. A short and sweet ceremony that clearly shows the love between you and your fiancé
  2. Good food, drink and music at the reception

No one likes to sit somewhere for too long, so try to keep your ceremony less than 30 minutes to ensure your guests don’t get uncomfortable.

Good food and drink makes any occasion a party and the same applies to your wedding. Make sure you know of any dietary or allergy concerns beforehand so there can be food all of your guests can enjoy. If you’re not going to have an open bar, and are having a toonie or cash bar instead, make sure it’s clear on your invitations or wedding website. No one likes to be surprised by having to pay for their drinks and they’re not prepared.

When it comes to music I highly recommend getting a professional DJ for your wedding. They will make sure your guests get on the dance floor, have a good time and know how to keep the good times rolling! Ultimate party atmosphere!

During this wedding planning process make sure you don’t loose touch with your fiancé. Date nights are still super important, whether that means dinner out and a movie or just quality time at home with just the two of you together.

Unless you are superwoman (and in that case we need to talk!) you can’t handle everything by yourself so don’t be afraid to get help from your friends and family.

When wedding planning stops being fun then you know you’re too stressed. This should be a time you enjoy and you need to remind yourself to enjoy this process. Remind yourself why this is all happening: because you love your fiancé and because you want to spend the rest of your lives together! That’s all that truly matters!

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