Intro Thursday…Meet Rambo

He’s a suck and an attention stealer! Meet Rambo, my fur baby! Rambo is a cross between a black Lab, Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler, so he’s basically a Heinz 57. When he was a little puppy he only had two spots on him, one across his back and one across his hips, but he’s grown more. You can see the little spots all over his body now and I swear he’s still growing them! We got Rambo in June 2015 so he’s almost 2 years old which seems crazy cause it feels like just yesterday he was a little puppy!

Now his name is Rambo and you can be rest assured I didn’t give him that name! That one’s on Aaron, my fiancé. He felt that the dog needed a strong, tough male name, typical country guy thought! Heaven forbid our puppy be thought of as cute and cuddly! So Rambo it was! Even though he’s a big dog he still loves being a lap dog and when he wants attention (which is all of the time) he’ll let you know. He’s famous for shoving his nose into your hand or arm in an effort to get you to pet him! Here are some shots of Rambo back when he was a little puppy and some of him more recently!


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