The Stories Behind the Charms

This week I’m sharing a little bit more about me and my story on the blog!  I don’t know about you but I’ve always dreamed of having a charm bracelet. My mom had one that was a silver chain and she had different charms clipped to it. I loved the idea of this style of charm bracelet. So when I stumbled across Pandora and their charm bracelets I was instantly in love! I dreamed of having one of their bracelets and filling it with charms that each had a personal meaning to me.

So there started my desire, but my story didn’t really start till I got my bracelet. I actually purchased my bracelet when I was in New York City with friends while we were on our college graduation trip in New York. I had never been and I truly felt like the little country mouse in the big city! I had given myself a budget for spending while I was in New York (I mean it’s New York City for pete’s sake of course I was going to do a little shopping!) At the end of the trip I still had money left over so I decided to buy the Pandora bracelet I had been wanting forever! Naturally I couldn’t just buy the bracelet without a charm or two, so I decided to get the Statue of Liberty charm as a memento of my trip in New York and I got the camera charm too since I was graduating  from the Creative Photography course and that why I was on this grad trip. Of course since I was on this trip with my best friend she got a bracelet and charms too! So we also decided to get the butterfly charm that says friends forever! Adorable I know! After graduation I went out west to Banff, Alberta for work. While I was there I missed my college graduation ceremony so my Dad got me the graduation cap charm as my grad gift.

Pandora Charm Bracelet

To continue my slight Pandora addiction I got a second bracelet from my amazing parents this past Christmas! No bracelet would be complete without a charm so naturally my new bracelet came with a sparkly shoe charm because I may also have a slight shoe addiction as well! 😉

Some of the charms with the most meaning to me are ones I’ve gotten on trips and vacations.

When I went on a cruise with my family a couple of years ago I got a cute little cruise ship charm and it even said the name of one of the islands we visited on the bottom, St. Maarten.

My first vacation with my fiancé, Aaron, is also remembered by a charm or two as well….the sparkly palm tree and the charm that says Bahamas! Aaron also gets my supremely romantic, mushy side and got me the heart and key charm as well as the starry nights charm as a gift too!

The horseshoe is for when I went to the Calgary Stampede for the first time, and the maple leaf is clearly because I’m a proud Canadian but also as a memento for my stay in Banff a few summers ago.

Naturally I’m curious to see who else has a charm bracelet they love? Do your charms have meaning and stories behind them too?

Good Things: Pandora Charm Bracelet

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Misty says:

    Your bracelet is the cutest!! I love how personal you can make charm bracelets! 🙂

  2. Kayla Grey says:

    Love your bracelet! The Pandora bracelets are so pretty! ❤

  3. I always wanted one as a girl, but never did get one! I love that you’re doing one now!

  4. I love the Pandora charms!! So cute!

  5. Loved them 🙂 ❤️

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