The Beginners Guide to Wedding Hashtags

Okay so what’s the deal with wedding hashtags? What are they and do I want one? These are maybe some of the questions that have gone through your mind since you’ve started wedding planning. Well here’s some details you will want to know.

What’s the Purpose of a Wedding Hashtag?

Think of a hashtag as a key word or search word. When you search for a specific hashtag you will see all the photos and videos that were shared using that hashtag.

So Why Do You Want a Wedding Hashtag?

Wedding hashtags are a great way to easily find all your guest’s photos from your wedding in one place. Not only that, but if you create your wedding hashtag before your other wedding events, like your engagement party, bridal shower or dress shopping, then you and your guests can use the hashtag on photos from those events as well. This way when people search for your hashtag they’ll see your whole process and story up to the wedding day itself. Regardless of what you choose to do, make sure you only share what you want and don’t ever feel pressured to overshare. It’s about you and what you’re comfortable with.

Start with The Basics

So now that you know why you may want a wedding hashtag, where do you start? Well let’s start with your names. Your hashtag can be a combination of you and your fiancé’s first names, last names, or nicknames, whatever you choose.

Keep It Short and Make It Original

The easier your hashtag is to remember the more your guests will use it. You want to have fun with your hashtag too so here’s where you can make it original and funny through word play. You can use alliterations like MrandMrsMoore, or rhymes or synonyms. Another way to make your hashtag original is to add numbers like your wedding year or date.

Avoid Easy Misspellings

If you and your fiancé have long names you may want to shorten them or use nicknames to avoid guests from misspelling your hashtag. Also watch for same letters in different words next to each other that can be misspelt as well. So instead of #kaylaanddaniel change it to #danielandkayla so there aren’t duplicate letters next to each other. Capitalizing the words make it easier to read the individual words in the hashtag as well. Whether guests capitalize the words or not it will still be searchable as one hashtag.

Do Your Research

Before you share your hashtag with family and guests make sure your hashtag isn’t being used for another wedding or event otherwise it can get confusing. If you find your hashtag is being used this is where you can add numbers, like your wedding date or year, to make it original to you and your wedding.

Share with Guests

Share your wedding hashtag on your wedding website so your guests can learn about it early on before the wedding. On the day of your wedding be sure to have reminders for your guests. Having cute signs that go with your wedding decorations is a great way to share your hashtag.

At the end of the day, don’t overthink it. It’s just a hashtag after all. The key thing is the photos and the memories of your day!

The Beginners Guide to Wedding Hashtags - Kristi Rex Photography

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  1. Wedding hashtags are so fun!

  2. Kayla Grey says:

    Awesome post! Wedding hashtags can be so much fun! This is definitely helpful to your brides! ❤

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