Honey Tasting Picnic

Last week I had the pleasure of working with Nith Valley Apiaries to photograph their honey tasting picnic. This year was their second annual honey tasting and it was an event for all ages!

Although the weather was rainy in the morning, it did eventually clear up for a great afternoon! Regardless of the grey skies though, there was a great turn out of people. Besides the honey tasting itself, there were other things to do and see as well! In the afternoon there was a Bee School for the little guys to learn all about honey bees. They learned about the different roles of bees, how hives are created and how we get the honey we eat and love today! It was a great school and I even learned so much from it myself! There was also an observation hive so you can see the bees like they would work and be in their natural hive.

The main event of course was tasting and trying the honey! Everyone was able to try the different types of honey and pair them with a variety of local cheeses, nuts and fruits. Once you had found your favourite type of honey you could purchase it at the Honey House which is Nith Valley Apiaries retail store. In the store they also have a variety of other honeys, like chunk honey and speciality flavoured honeys.

Nith Valley Apiaries has been passed on through four owners, starting back in 1918. They have hundreds of hives spread across Waterloo and Perth County. It was awesome to work with a local business for their special event. If you’re interested in trying Nith Valley Apiaries honey you can visit their shop at 1041 Christner Rd in New Hamburg or you can find their honey on shelves at select retailers in Stratford, Wellesley, and surrounding areas.

Nith Valley Apiaries Honey Tasting Picnic

If you want to learn more about bees and other pollinators, or just stay up to date about the latest speciality honeys from Nith Valley Apiaries, follow them on Instagram here! While you’re there, be sure to check me out on Instagram too! 😉




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