The Canadian Handbag for Every Occasion

I’ve always been known to have way to many purses and handbags. I was the one in high school who definitely did not want to carry my books in a backpack…I carried them in style in a purse of course!

I felt like I had it pretty down pat when I was looking for purses. I would have no problem paying a little extra if that mean I was going to get a little more wear from them because they were better quality. I’d carefully inspect handles to make sure there was no rubber on them that could easily peel off. I also always checked how the handles were attached to the bag itself because I’m notorious for overloading my bags and pushing them to the limits.

So when I was looking at getting a new summer purse, I though what the heck I’ll splurge and buy a designer one! So I started looking online at the various websites, but I couldn’t find a style that I liked. I’m not a fan of the purses with the teeny tiny handles because that handle won’t work for throwing my bag over my shoulder. I also didn’t want a super small one because I tend to carry more than I probably should. So then I got stuck with the boring same old bags everyone has, and I was looking for something different.

That’s when I decided to see if there were any Canadian designer or Canadian made purses out there. So I went to Google to start my search. That’s when I came across Nella Bella handbags. Nella Bella is a Canadian company that creates handbags and accessories that are unique and high quality.

Now they have a variety of different purse styles but the one that really caught my eye was the London. It’s a multi-functional bag that is a game changer since it’s like 6 bags in 1. It comes with one large handbag and one small handbag, a chain, handle and cross-body strap. So you can wear this as a messenger bag way the large handbag and cross-body strap or you can rock a sweet clutch with the small handbag and chain.

I found mine at a Beauty Boutique in my local Shoppers Drug Mart in this awesome mint colour which I love! It’s great because I can easily keep my wallet in the small handbag and keep my books and other clutter in the large handbag and still find everything easily! I love how versatile this is, and I’ll be able to get so much more wear and use out of this because of the different ways I can wear it! You can find all of their handbag styles over on Instagram here, so be sure to check them out!

Good Things: Nella Bella Handbag - Kristi Rex Photography

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