Tips for Picking Your Point Person

Wedding days can be hectic and as the bride you don’t want (or need) any extra stress on your big day so having a wedding day point person can be vital to a smooth wedding! A wedding day point person helps you so you’re not pestered with questions from vendors on your wedding day, managing the timeline so everything and everyone is on time, and dealing with minor emergencies that may pop up. Since they play such a key role you want to be sure to pick the right person for this. Here are 5 key things you want to consider before choosing your point person.

1. Social Butterfly

You need someone who has no problem wrangling people together and getting them where they need to be. Typically a social butterfly has the personality to talk with people easily, which helps them with getting things done!

2. Know You & Your Tastes

Your point person will be making decisions for you so you’re not bothered and can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest. For this reason you want someone who knows you and your tastes to make sure that things are done to your standards and the way you’d like them. This especially helps when making last-minute decisions because you can rest easy knowing if anything goes wrong you can trust your point person to make the same decisions that you would.

3. Know Your Family

You want your point person to know or be familiar with your family at least, as part of their job will be to help gather people for the family photo time. This will help your family photos to go quickly and smoothly.

4. Organized

There’s so much going on during a wedding day that you’ll want to be sure your point person is organized so they can be on top of everything.

5. Problem Solver

Your point person should be calm and collected in high-pressure situations. When things don’t go exactly as planned (which usually happens at weddings) your point person should be able to stay calm and not freak out or get upset at anyone.

You can help your point person be most effective by giving them as much information as possible. This should include a timeline of your wedding day, a vendor list with contact info, a family photo list (with the names of family members so they know who to gather for each photo), and a list of where to find everything and where it goes (ex. decorations, signs, table locations etc.). As this is a pretty big job for one person, you may want to consider getting someone who is not in your bridal party or immediate family (aka not the mother of the bride) to be your point person so that they don’t get overwhelmed trying to do different roles in your wedding.

Tips for Picking Your Point Person - Kristi Rex Photography

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