Common Wedding Guest Myths

To tie together all of my blog posts from my Wedding Guest Series, I thought I’d cover wedding guest etiquette and common myths in this week’s post.

What to Wear

Starting off the list of common wedding guest myths, is making sure your outfit is appropriate for a wedding. Of course you don’t want to be under dressed for the wedding, so watch for dress code suggestions on the couple’s wedding website, or wedding invitation. To read more about what to wear to a wedding, check out my past blog post here. The other thing to consider is the colour of your outfit as well. The obvious one is to not wear an all white or ivory outfit as this is traditionally what the bride wears. But what you may not know is that it’s not taboo to wear black to a wedding anymore. A black dress or outfit can be very sharp to wear. Just realize it may not be ideal for every wedding. An example is for an outdoor summer ceremony where you may be hot if you decide to wear a black dress! So be sure to wear something light and breezy and if you do decide to wear black, liven it up with colourful jewelry or shoes.

Wedding Related Questions

You don’t want to stress the soon to be newlyweds with all of your questions about the wedding. So any questions you do have try asking the bridal party or couples’ parents first to see if they can help answer your questions. The wedding website is also a great resource to try as well. The website typically will say where a couple is registered for gifts, as well as the wedding venue address. If these options still don’t answer your questions, don’t be afraid to ask the couple then, just be sure to try other ways first as the couple is likely super busy planning and may be slightly stressed and you don’t want to add to that.

Wedding Gifts

It can be tempting to not shop from the couple’s registry, especially if you feel you know the couple really well. But the couple created the wedding registry for a reason and so most couples would prefer gifts from their registry as they’re items the couple will use or need. If you do decide to buy something not on the registry, be sure to include a gift receipt just in case. To read more about wedding gift giving check out my past blog post here.

Plus Ones

Just because you’re invited to a wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get to bring a date with you. Like I talked about in a previous blog post here, it’s crucial you know when you and your significant other has been invited or when you’ve just been invited solo to a wedding.

Overnight Accommodations

Even if you’re flying across the country for a wedding, you’re still responsible for finding and paying for your own hotel room. Some couples may choose to reserve blocks of hotel rooms to get great rates for out-of-town guests, but you’re still responsible to pay for your own room.


Always be sure to RSVP on time! Don’t wait and risk possibly losing the RSVP card or forgetting about it all together. RSVPs are very important for the couple as they ned to give a final head count to their vendors (especially the caterers) no later than two weeks before the wedding. So make sure you respond to the RSVP by the date it says to or at the very latest respond at least 4 weeks before the wedding.  Also make sure you send your RSVP the way the couple requests. If you receive your invitation by email and it asks to RSVP by email then follow those instructions. If the invitation comes on beautiful stationary don’t text the couple saying you’ll be there instead of responding on the card provided. By not RSVPing as requested it makes it complicated for the couple, so do your part to help keep all of the RSVPs in one place and format.

I really enjoyed putting together this series for wedding guests. It’s something different to write about and can help everyone navigate through friends and family’s weddings if you don’t have much experience with them! I hope you found these blog posts helpful too! Below is a list of all of the posts in this Wedding Guest series as of right now. Maybe in the future I’ll write some more!

What to Wear to a Wedding

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Common Wedding Guest Myths - Kristi Rex Photography

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