10 Things to Have in Your Bridal Getting Ready Room

On your wedding day, your photographer is going to start with you, the bride, in your getting ready room. One of the first things they will photograph is your bridal details. To make this process smooth and to be the most efficient, have all of your bridal details put together ahead of time. This will make sure that your photographer can start right away and it will give you peace of mind knowing it’s all organized. Now, not every bride is going to have all of these details listed below, but these are the most common ones to have ready.

1. Rings

Be sure to have all 3 rings together; yours and his.

2. Bouquets

Not only do you want photos of your bouquets themselves, but they also make beautiful backdrops for close up photos of your rings and/or other jewellery.

3. Invitations

Be sure to have all of your paper goods together. This includes your invitation, save the date, and/or programs. These paper goods also make great backdrops for close up ring photos as well and will tie together all of your detail images for your album pages.

4. Jewellery

This includes your earrings, bracelets, and necklace. Basically, any piece of jewellery you will be wearing, be sure to include!

5. Shoes

Make sure your shoes are clean and fresh for photos. If you’ve been wearing them a lot lately to break them in (which is highly suggested you do!) make sure to give them a quick clean so they don’t have any marks or scuffs on them for photos.

6. Veil & hairpieces

If you’d like your detail photos to include your veil or hairpiece make sure to not put it on until after the detail photos are finished.

7. Dress

Make sure your dress isn’t just hanging on the plastic hanger it comes with. Have a nice wood hanger for your dress for photos.

8. Perfume

If you will be wearing a special scent just for your wedding then you may want to include the perfume bottle for your detail photos as well.

9. Keepsakes

These are items that have special meaning to you. This could include any family heirlooms, handkerchiefs, or your something old or something blue.

10. Gifts

This includes gifts exchanged between you and your groom or even just gifts given to the bridal party. Also, if you and your soon to be spouse are exchanging letters, these can be included as well.

Don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about the guys’ details! For his detail shots, you’ll want to include: the belt, shoes, tie, cufflinks, boutineers and watch.

So be sure to have all of your bridal details together in one place. I also suggest putting all of the smaller details on a tray or in a container so they’re easy to carry and move for you and your photographer!

10 Things to Have in Your Bridal Getting Ready Room - Kristi Rex Photography

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