Kincardine Family Farm Wedding – Hilda & Geert


I recently had the pleasure to work with Heather from Heather Deitz Photography again! A couple of weekends ago I assisted Heather for Hilda & Geert’s wedding day. It was a stunning day with blue skies in the morning and although it ended up being a little chilly at night, it was still a beautiful day for a wedding!

Their ceremony was held at the family farm in the back of a field. The forest behind made a perfect backdrop for the ceremony! As part of their ceremony, Hilda and Geert planted a tree. I thought that was very unique and a great way to celebrate their years of marriage as they watch this tree grow with them.

The manure spreader was a special must have photo. At first I was a little confused as to why, but when I heard the story I understood its meaning. Geert was on the tractor spreading manure when he first asked Hilda out on a date! Adorable and true country style! I also squealed a little when we did portraits with Hilda and Geert with their horse! I love horses and to incorporate them into the wedding photos was one of my favourite things as a wedding photographer!

The reception was also held on the farm. It was awesome to see the family involvement in creating the special day for this amazing couple. The reception space was beautifully decorated with florals and lights! I especially loved the chandelier and drapery from the ceiling over the dance floor! The sweet table also had its own chandelier and the table itself looked stunning! With rows of cupcakes, and various sweets it was definitely a treat for those with a sweet tooth. I also loved the cute cake topper that showed the bride and groom kissing but also included their dogs as well! It was original and showed the personalities of Hilda and Geert. It was such an honour to assist Heather and to capture Hilda and Geert’s amazing wedding day!



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