Getting Ready Tips For The Groom

More often than not it’s the soon-to-be-brides that read my blog posts for wedding advice or tips, but today I’m talking to the soon-to-be-grooms.

You make think it’s odd to have photos of you and your guys getting ready for the wedding, but trust me it’s something your fiancé will love! It’s the photos of little details and you being dressed up so sharp that she’ll really appreciate and love to put in your wedding album afterwards. So what tips do I have for getting ready on your wedding day? Well here’s 6 things that will help keep everything smooth and easier for everyone!

1. Practise tying your tie

Know how to tie your tie (especially if it’s a bow tie) before the wedding day, so you’re not stuck trying to figure it out then.

2. Have your groomsmen be ready

Make sure your guys know when the photographer is scheduled to arrive for your photos and be sure they are dressed in their pants and shirts with their ties on.

3. Make sure you’re dressed too

You’ll also want to be dressed in your pants and shirt for when the photographer arrives, but that’s all you’ll need to wear beforehand. Your photographer will want to photograph you getting dressed into your other details such as your tie, belt, watch, cufflinks and shoes.

4. Don’t forget the shades or socks

If you want photos of you and your guys in sunglasses, make sure everyone has a pair to wear ahead of time. Or if you’re looking for other ideas, some grooms decide they want their guys to all wear special socks for the wedding. Either way just make sure everyone has a pair so there isn’t an odd one out for photos.

5. Watch the booze

Your wedding day is a day to celebrate and party, I get it! But too much alcohol before photos can make for rowdy groomsmen which makes photo time take longer to do. Typically the majority of the photos are done before the wedding ceremony, so you’ll be able to party and drink afterwards.

6. Just relax

Enjoy every moment of your wedding day! Your photographer is there to help you enjoy the day and make sure nothing gets missed, so just relax and enjoy!

Getting Ready Tips for the Groom - Kristi Rex Photography

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