Our Engagement Session!

Typically you’ll find me behind the camera photographing my couples, but the other week was a different story. I was on the other side of the camera for my own engagement session! Aaron and I had our engagement session with Rachel and it was a lot of fun.

We decided to have our engagement session close to home since I knew Aaron wanted photos with his newly finished John Deere G tractor. If you don’t know the story behind this tractor, I’ll share a little about it now. So if you don’t know already, Aaron is a John Deere man. He enjoys working on old tractors and making them run smoothly again. So this tractor here, John Deere model G, was the first tractor Aaron ever bought years ago. Not only that, but he also brought home this tractor in pieces in boxes. From those pieces he rebuilt it and painted it to what you see today. So this put-put tractor has a lot of meaning to him and I think that’s really important to document. Personally I always love to see what someone’s passionate about and with Aaron it’s John Deere tractors. So of course we decided to have photos with the tractor for our engagement session, and it will make an appearance at our wedding as well.

I also thought it may be cute to have photos with our dog, Rambo. How adorable is he?! Yes I put a cute little bow tie on him! He also was being super sucky as he never really left our side for most of the session. Rachel was awesome about it though and was able to capture some amazing photos with him!

I’ve got to say these photos are really important to me and I really value them. I don’t really have many photos of Aaron and I together, especially done professionally, so these engagement photos really mean something special to me! Thanks so much Rachel for capturing us and giving me something I can hang on my walls at home! I can’t wait for our wedding!


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