How to Choose Your Wedding Colour Schemes

Soon after being engaged one of the first questions you’ll repeatedly get asked is what your wedding colours are. When you haven’t thought that far ahead it can be a little daunting, but don’t stress! If you’re struggling to choose wedding colours, here’s some pointers to help choose them!

Know What Matters Most

If an heirloom piece or flowers are really important pieces to your wedding, then create your colour scheme around that. An example is to be inspired by your favourite flowers. You’ll likely want them in your bouquet so use them as inspiration for choosing your colours.

Think of the Seasons

Consider the seasonal colours as a place to draw inspiration from as well. If you’re having a fall wedding then a deep orange and burgundy will work with the colours of the changing leaves. Don’t be restricted by the seasonal colours though. If you really love a specific colour then don’t be afraid to use it in your wedding regardless of the season.

Create a Mood

Certain colours evoke a specific feeling or mood, so use this to create the mood you want at your wedding. Dark or jewel toned colours like ruby-red or deep aquamarine create a more dramatic look. Light pastels or bright yellow create a happy and airy feel. Choose what suits you and your fiancé best.

Choose Colours You Love

Look to your closet for inspiration. What colours do you find in your wardrobe that you frequently wear? This is a great point to start from.

Don’t Over Think It

You’re going to be asked a million times what your wedding colours are. Don’t stress about it though. A wedding colour scheme is just a guideline for your wedding, not a rule. It’s used to help make decisions on your bridesmaid dresses, flowers, and other things but it’s not the be all and end all. So choose colours you love and don’t go by the latest colour trends (unless you love them)!

The rule of thumb for wedding colour schemes is to choose one main colour (typically a bright, saturated colour) and pair it with one or two accent shades or neutral colours. This creates a well-rounded look that represents you and your fiancé.

How to choose your wedding colour schemes - Kristi Rex Photography

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