One Spoiled Dog

Been a while since Rambo’s been on the blog, so I decided today was the day to catch up! He’s two and still adorable but occasionally I look at puppies for sale on Kijiji and see a really cute one. (But then again aren’t all puppies cute!?) Rambo is definitely enough dog for us right now though, so he has no reason to worry about having to share the spotlight he currently hogs. He’s incredibly people motivated meaning he listens and does things for affection which is awesome, but sometimes his demands for attention are a little much. If you ever get the chance to meet him, you’ll see exactly what I mean!

Every time it snows Rambo gets so excited to play in the fresh fluff, but it hasn’t stayed long. So when it does eventually snow hard and stay, he’ll be so excited to zoom around in laps around the yard! Anyone else’s dog love winter?!

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