3 Ways to Remember Your Wedding By Other Than Photographs

Holding the memory of a past moment is the true value of a photograph. In today’s digital age there are billions of photos everywhere documenting these special moments which is amazing! But I’ll always stand behind the idea of making sure to print your photographs as well, because technology is quickly changing and becoming outdated. The safest way to protect these memories is to print your photographs. Then only dangers of the physical world are a liability.

But aside from the printed photos from your wedding day, there are other ways to preserve the memory of your wedding.

Wedding Day Time Capsule

The day of your wedding have guests fill out predictions of where you’ll be and what you’ll be doing in one year or five years. You can also have your guests add mementos, letters or photos to your time capsule. Then on your first, second or fifth wedding anniversary you can open your time capsule and see how much has changed since your wedding that many years ago.

Frame the Words

Obviously some of the images from your wedding will be framed in your home, but there are important words you can frame as well. An example of this is to print out the lyrics from your first dance song and frame that. Of if you wrote your own vows or letters to each other, you can have them framed as a great way to remember your wedding.

Keep Your Bouquet

You spend a lot of money on flowers for just one day, so naturally you may want to preserve them as a memento from your wedding. There are many different ways to do this. You can press your flowers to later put into a frame, use silica gel to preserve them, air dry, freeze dry by a professional, or use a clear epoxy resin to make your flowers into paperweights. When it comes to preserving your flowers, there are many different options. Be sure to talk to your florist to see if they can help with this or know of local vendors who can.

3 Ways to Remember Your Wedding By Other Than Photographs - Kristi Rex Photography

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