My Venture Into The World Of Bullet Journaling – My Newest Way To Keep Organized

It’s time for another Good Things blog post! Been a while since the last one where I talked about my new favourite purse.

I’ve recently came across this journaling phenomenon called Bullet Journaling. It’s this idea of keeping all of your post-it notes, to do lists, and ongoing thoughts and trackers all in one notebook. When I first heard about it I was a little skeptical. I mean I’m also a huge technology person who loves to use my calendar, to do list and note app on my iPhone and Mac computer, so why would I be interested in this journaling idea? Well, let me explain!

I used to get so bogged down mentally with everything I was trying to remember to do, whether it was big or small. My bullet journal now is a place where I can put everything in my mind onto paper. The act of writing things down is scientifically proven to increase your memory. The other awesome part was it cleared up my mind so I felt I could better focus on things and it even helped me to prioritize so I knew what to focus on each day.

My current layout includes a weekly spread where I write down the to-do’s that need to get done that week and from there I can prioritize what the three most important things are that I need to get done each day. Once they’re completed they’re X’d out and if they don’t get done that week then they get written in the next week’s page. This process helps me to identify when I’m procrastinating (ex. I keep writing the same task to do week after week because it wasn’t crossed out or done the week before) and when I’ve had really productive days or weeks I get the sense of satisfaction. My monthly spread also works as a memory keeper of sorts. I write down key things that happened on that day and at the end of the month it serves as a reminder of the important things that happened or just the time spent with friends or family. I’ve also started a book log, which is a list of books I really want to read. There’s just something satisfying to me about writing things down and crossing them off lists!

Now don’t get me wrong I still use the to-do list on my iPhone, but now that’s mainly just for reoccurring tasks or things I needed to be reminded of at a certain time during the day.

The awesome thing about bullet journaling is that the process and journal is entirely unique to you. You decide your page layouts and what you want to record or track. This means that you can personalize your journal to do what best helps you organize your life with kids routines, school, work, and/or personal projects too!

I’ve just gotten started and I still have so much learning and trial and error ahead of me, but I just had to share what I’ve loved so far and I can’t wait to see what my bullet journal looks like at the end of next year! If you want to learn more about bullet journaling I suggest looking at this video from the creator of Bullet Journal here, or just trying googling it. You’ll find so many resources and images it may just shock you!

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My Venture Into The World Of Bullet Journaling - Kristi Rex Photography

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