Celebrating 2017

I’m still recovering from my food coma because of all of the Christmas feasts we’ve had with family! But I still had to share something over here on my little corner of the world-wide web!

As we travel to more family dinners it gives me lots of time to think and reminisce. I can’t help but be grateful for everything that’s happened this year. I mean I’ve had a great year in business but in my personal life (and with Aaron) it’s also been an amazing year. Starting in January where we went on a vacation to the Bahamas together, and then in February we went to an Eric Church concert in London. Then in the summer my brother graduated highschool (where did that time go!), it was my first year of having my own garden (which turned out pretty well if I do say so myself!), Aaron got his John Deere G restored and painted beautifully, and we went on a stunning camping trip in the Bruce Peninsula (learned Rambo can get really tired camping too!). The fall I went on a winery tour with all of the women in my soon to be family, planted new flowerbeds (can’t wait till spring to see them!!), and had our own engagement session. Through all of that we’ve also been planning our own wedding for next year, so it’s been a lot this year!

Between all of that we’ve spending time with close friends and family so there’s even more laughs and funny stories there too! So as you spend time with your family this holiday season be sure to give them an extra hug and remember everything that’s happened this year in your own life and remember to be grateful!

The next time you hear from me it’ll be 2018! So celebrate these last few days of this year and be ready for the fresh start that next year brings!

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