What’s Happening This Year

Happy New Year! It’s now officially 2018, how exciting!

This year brings many new things and I’m super excited about all of them! In August I’ll be getting married so that’s going to be so much fun! When it comes to my business I’ve decided to write a new blog series this year. It’s going to be my Adventure Series where I’ll explore local trails and parks and share some of the beauty that lies around us. As always I’ll be continuing my Wedding Tips & Resources series to help current and future brides through their wedding planning process. I’ll also be sharing some tips and tricks in my personal blog posts every so often of different ways I stay organized in my every day life. I’ve also created a must read book list for this year, so I’ll posting updates on my latest and favourite books I’m reading this year too! (If you have suggestions for books I should add to my list now, let me know in the comments below!!) My goal for this year is to not only share photos from the sessions I have with my amazing client’s this year, but to also help with wedding planning, staying organized in everyday life, sharing a little about me as well as showcasing the beautiful landscapes around us. I want to bring a little positivity and sunshine to you each week!

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