6 Key Things To Do After You Get Engaged

You’re engaged, congratulations!! This is such an exciting time and one that you really want to enjoy! To help you do that I’ve created a list of 6 things to do after you get engaged.

1. Tell Your VIPs

Call or tell your family and friends in person! These are your parents, siblings, grandparents and BFFs. They’ll likely be so excited for you and it’s awesome to share in that joy together. So make sure your inner circle of friends and family knows first, especially before your share the news on social media!

2. Get Your Ring Sized & Insured

It would be awful to lose your ring because it doesn’t fit, so make sure you get it sized right away! You’ll also want to get your ring insured. One way of doing this is to add it onto your home owner’s insurance.

3. Get an Idea for a Date

Enjoy this season of being engaged, it’s a lot of fun! Don’t jump into wedding planning right away but be aware that one of the first few questions you’ll be asked after sharing your great news is, “When’s the wedding?”. Knowing this ahead of time, talk it over with your fiancé beforehand and have a general idea for when you’d like to get married (think seasons or specific months).

4. Get Inspired

This is the really fun part of being engaged! You now have a reason to flip through those wedding magazines and browse Pinterest for hours! This is a great way (and time) to get an idea for what you want, and don’t want, for your wedding.

5. Get Ready Financially

Money is the not so fun part of weddings. Since most weddings take place a year or longer after getting engaged, the good news is you have time to start saving for the wedding. A great way to do this is to start a savings account and every time you get paid, put a portion away into the wedding savings account. With online banking this is really easy too. You can set up your account so that a specific amount of each pay check gets transferred into your wedding account each pay day so that you can guarantee that you’re saving for your wedding and the related expenses. Setting a wedding budget is also key to not going overboard with your wedding. To read more about setting your wedding budget, check out my past blog post here.

6. Get Organized & Know Your Priorities

Organization is key to not getting overwhelmed while your plan your wedding. So find a system that works for you to keep organized and on top of all the little details that go into a wedding. This could be an app, calendar, or even a binder. The purpose of this is to help you create a timeline for major tasks so you know when they need to be completed by as well as a great way to set a rough guest list. You’ll also want to include a money section so you know what deposits have been paid, and when remaining payments or balances are due for each of your vendors.

From the beginning of your wedding planning be sure to set your priorities. Know what’s important to you and your fiancé and what’s not. This will help when creating your budget as well.

As you start your wedding planning journey be sure to also check out this blog post here, for tips to less stressful wedding planning!

6 Key Things to do After You Get Engaged - Kristi Rex Photography

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