Why Engagement Sessions Are Important

An engagement session…is that one of your priorities when it comes choosing a wedding photography experience? As a bride I can understand the need to be selective as to where the money in your wedding budget gets allotted. As a wedding photographer I can tell you the engagement session is something that will enhance your photography experience. I understand the busy world we live in so it can be hard to find time to have an engagement session, but it will be totally worth it!

Experience In Front Of The Camera

Your engagement session is like your trial run. Unlike the wedding day where there will be a wedding timeline and more nerves (it’s your wedding day!), your engagement session won’t be under a time crunch and will be enjoyable with less nerves. This way when it comes time for your wedding you’ll have mastered your poses and you’ll feel confident in front of the camera. The first 20 minutes of any photo session are always uncomfortable for anyone not used to being in front of the camera. On a wedding day there isn’t extra time to get comfortable, so your engagement session really helps here!

Gain Confidence

Once you’ve gone through your engagement session and seen your stunning images on the blog, you feel so much more confident when it comes to your wedding day and those images.

More Images

Your engagement photos are more casual compared to your wedding photos so you’re more likely to print, frame and hang your engagement photos for longer compared to your wedding photos. Typically you’ll see a couple of wedding photos around a home, but most are more casual portraits. Your engagement photos can also be used as decor at your reception as well!

Know Your Photographer

Your engagement session is where you’ll get to see your photographer working with you in front of the camera. You’ll see what their style is and how they will work with you, so you know what to expect on your wedding day. This gives everyone time to get comfortable with each other before the wedding.

So if you’re deciding between having an engagement session or not, I hope I was able to show you the importance of doing one! I highly recommend it just as most other photographers do!

Why Engagement Sessions Are Important - Kristi Rex Photography


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