Most Popular Diamond Shapes

Most men look at engagement rings and think they’re all the same. Most women know this isn’t true at all. Some women know the ring style, cut, shape, and caret of the engagement ring they have their eyes on. If you don’t know what shape of diamond you want, or you’re trying to help your man, today’s blog post is for you! Today I’m talking all about the most common and popular shapes of diamonds.

The sparkle of the ring (i.e. a quality most women want in their engagement ring) is affected by the cut of the diamond. Each shape has its own level of brilliance, but the brilliance of an individual diamond is also affected by the quality of the cut. This means the accuracy of the diamonds proportions compared to the ideal measurements for a given cut. In order for the diamond to shine bright it needs to be cut well to maximize the brilliance of any diamond shape.


The most popular shape of diamond is the round brilliant. This shape has been created for hundreds of years to maximize the brilliance of the diamond. This cut is also the most expensive because less of the diamond is used in this cut compared to any other cut.



Oval cut diamonds are a classic look and is a great alternative to the round cut diamond. It’s a unique shape with a brilliance similar to round brilliant cut diamonds. The length of this cut also gives the illusion of a bigger diamond.


The marquise cut is very unique and because of its long, narrow shape, gives the illusion of a bigger diamond.

Something Blue - Kristi Rex Photography


Pear shaped diamonds are a combination of round and marquise cuts. This cut gets its name from the pear shape of the diamond and are cut to produce maximum brilliance.


Princess cut diamonds are available in both square and rectangular shapes. This is the second most popular cut of diamond. Typically other cuts of diamonds display their colour mainly in the center whereas this cut shows unique colour in each of the corners as well.



Cushion cut diamonds, sometimes called pillow-cut diamonds are aptly named because of their pillow shape. This cut of diamond typically has excellent brilliance and clarity because of their rounded corners and larger facets.


Emerald cut diamonds are unique because of the large rectangular face which showcases the clarity and colour of the diamond.


Radiant cut diamonds combine the lines of an emerald cut and the brilliance of a round diamond to create a unique and timeless style.

So what’s your favourite diamond shape?

Most Popular Diamond Shapes - Kristi Rex Photography

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