10 Things You Need To Do The Day Before Your Wedding

The day before your wedding can be hectic and seem disorganized. To help you keep calm and enjoy the day, I’ve put together a list of 10 things you need to do the day before your wedding.

1. Eat Well & Stay Hydrated

Remember the saying, “You are what you eat”? Well on your wedding day you want to feel and look your best, so try to not go overboard on snacks and sweet treats. You’ll feel better on your wedding day if you’re not bloated or uncomfortable. Also be sure to drink lots of water to stay hydrated and to help reduce stress.

2. Confirm Details With Vendors

Get in touch with your vendors to confirm arrival time and location, just to be sure everyone’s on the same page. Also let your vendors know who your point person is and their contact number. For tips to help choose your point person, read my past blog post here.

3. Organize Vendor Final Payment

Have your vendor’s final payments sorted out before the wedding. You can schedule payments to be paid with online banking or have cheques and cash ready in clearly marked envelopes. Be sure to give these envelopes to your point person for your wedding day.

4. Print Out Your Wedding Day Timeline and Vendor Details

Print out the wedding day timeline and a vendor detail list and give copies to your point person and wedding party. Make sure your vendor detail list includes the contact names of the vendors, phone numbers, arrival time and any other important details.

5. Get Your Ring Cleaned

You want your ring to really sparkle on your wedding day and for photos, so be sure to get it cleaned before the big day!

6. Lay Everything Out

Be organized and have everything laid out ahead of time. This includes your getting ready outfits, your dress, your bridesmaids dresses, all accessories and shoes. To read more about what you should have in your bridal getting ready room, read my past blog post here. Read more about getting ready tips for the groom in this blog post here as well. Also be sure to pack the car with things you’ll need on the wedding day the night before, so you’re not doing any heavy lifting on the big day.

7. Relax

Pamper yourself with a mani and pedi or maybe a massage. Be sure to keep your beauty routine as usual and don’t experiment with new beauty products. You don’t want to have irritated skin on your wedding day. Put yourself in a good mood and laugh by watching funny YouTube videos or a great comedy movie. Don’t sweat the small stuff or try to finalize seating charts or DIY projects the day before, just relax.

8. Say Thank You

Thank people in advance for their support through your wedding planning and for being there for you on your wedding day. You can also write a little note to your groom the day before as well.

9. Turn Your Phone On Silent

Enjoy the day before your wedding. Turn your phone on silent and spend quality time with your bridal party and family. This is a time to reminisce and just enjoy being together.

10. Sleep

Try to get a good nights sleep or at the very least get to bed at a decent hour so you can wake up refreshed on your wedding day.

It may seem like a lot to do, but planning ahead allows you to just enjoy your wedding day as you should!

10 Things You Need To Do The Day Before Your Wedding - Kristi Rex Photography

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