Most Popular Wedding Dress Silhouettes 

Unless you’re one of those ladies who loves to watch the TLC channel for all of the wedding shows *ahem me*, then you may feel you don’t understand the language that’s used when describing wedding dresses. Thankfully, you don’t have to know everything about wedding dresses before you go shopping for one. It’s helpful though to know a little bit about the common terminology like dress silhouettes (shape). Here are four of the most popular wedding dress silhouettes.

Ball Gown

The ball gown silhouette is a dramatic show stopper. It has a fitted bodice (top of dress) and very full skirt (bottom of dress). A ball gown will definitely make you feel like a queen for the day.


The A-Line silhouette is similar to a ball gown. It again has a fitted bodice but the skirt widens gradually from the waist and is not as full. This shape get’s its name from the shape of the skirt which looks like an A. A-Line’s are flattering on most all body shapes and are very common for this reason.

Fit n’ Flare

This silhouette hugs the body and hip then flares out below. Fit n’ flare dresses are great if you want to show off your curves!


The sheath silhouette is a slim cut that follows the natural shape of the body and falls straight to the floor. This is definitely a modern look and may look simple, but sheath dresses certainly aren’t plain.

No matter what style of dress you choose, make sure your feel confident in it. If you’re not confident and comfortable than it’s not your dress. Be sure to keep an open mind and try different shapes and looks when you go wedding dress shopping. You never know what you’ll love and you may be surprised by what looks great on you!

Most Popular Wedding Dress Silhouettes - Kristi Rex Photography


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