What You Need To Know About Bridal Party Gifts

Gifts to your wedding party are a way to say thank you for their support throughout the planning process as well as on the wedding day. These gifts are for the people who are standing up with you at the ceremony; your bridesmaids and groomsmen. While it’s not a written rule to give gifts to your bridal party, it is kind of an unspoken rule. This doesn’t mean you have to give extravagant gifts, just something that shows your appreciation!

What to Spend

What you spend for your bridal party gifts is going to be set by your wedding budget. While this may not be an area you save a lot of money for, you do want to be cautious that you aren’t too economical with your bridal party gifts.  Your bridal party has given you their time and effort to help plan and support you for your wedding so you want to be sure your gift shows your appreciation of that. They’ve also spent money to be involved in your wedding as well. This includes buying their own dress and tuxes and could also include booking hotel rooms. In the end remember you don’t have to get super extravagant gifts for your bridal party; anywhere from $50 – $150 is reasonable.

When to Get & Give the Gifts

It’s a good idea to get your gifts well before the wedding, around 2-4 months before. When it’s closer to the wedding date you’ll have less time to make these decisions and you don’t want the gifts to be forgotten or be rushed getting them.

Generally couples give the bridal party gifts either at the rehearsal dinner or when you’re getting ready together on the wedding day.

What to Give

While you’re free to choose whatever you want for bridal party gifts, there are some tips that will help to make sure your bridal party truly loves and appreciates what you give. The gift should be personal and something they’ll use after the wedding day. They also don’t all have to be the same gift, consider the person you’re gifting the gift to and choose something each person will love. It’s common for bridesmaid gifts to be something they can wear on the day of the wedding (ex. necklace or bracelet), but take into consideration if your bridesmaids will each value the gift after the wedding. Think of this gift as something each person wouldn’t normally buy for themselves but could use or would really love!

If you’ve received or given a bridal party gift that you’ve really loved, share below in the comments to help inspire brides that may be currently struggling with this decision!

What You Need to Know About Bridal Party Gifts - Kristi Rex Photography

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