10 Of My Favourite Apps I Use Everyday

As most of you know I’m a bit of a technology nerd. I love the simplicity and the way technology can help enhance my life; my home page on my iPhone is basically where my life is at.  In the spirit of that positivity I decided to share some of my favourite apps that I use in my day-to-day life.


My focus for the last few months has been on creating a healthy lifestyle for myself. In order to improve my health I needed to see what I was currently doing and see the areas that I could improve on. This lead me to get a Fitbit and start using their app. The app is great for not only tracking how many steps I take (or don’t take 😉 ) everyday but also how many active minutes I have daily as well. The app also has the capability to track your food, water, sleep, and weight. I find the sleep function really useful since it shows how restless you may be. It’s also a great indicator if I’m feeling off for a few days when I realize that’s because I haven’t been getting the sleep I need.

My Fitness Pal

Physical activity is only one side of my healthy lifestyle focus. Another change has been really tracking what I eat and the quality of the foods I eat. This is how I got introduced to My Fitness Pal’s app. The app gives me guidelines for the amount of macro nutrients (carbohydrates, fat and protein) I need to have each day. It’s easy to track foods through their app as they have a huge database. If the food isn’t in their database then you can easily add it manually. You can also search for foods using bar codes which is a super easy way to accurately track what you’ve eaten or plan to eat. They also have a function to quickly add recipes from the internet (hello Pinterest recipes) using the URL link and it automatically matches the foods and amounts to quickly figure out the nutrition facts for the recipe.


This app is for all of my shoppers out there who want to get in and get out of all the stores quickly while still remembering your grocery list every time. 😉 This app is created by Canadians which is awesome to support local creators! Each week you can check all of the current flyers in your area and when you see something you need to add to your grocery list you can tap on that item and it will automatically add it to your list in the app. If you have a few stores that you frequent more often than others you can favourite those stores so it’s easy to find those flyers every week. The search function on the app also lets you see the prices from all the stores that have that item in their flyer that week, so it’s easy to price match as well. The shopping list in the app also sorts your items by store so it’s easy to see what stores you want to go to and to get what from. Highly recommend this app!

Caddle and Checkout 51

These two apps are also for my grocery shoppers out there. Both of these apps are cash back apps, meaning you buy certain approved items each week then upload a picture of the receipt afterwards to prove the purchase happened and they give you cash back for approved items in that purchase. What’s great about this is that a lot of the time you’re getting cash back for items you’d already purchase anyways so it’s a great way to save money.


Ebates is not just an app but also a website and is a similar idea to Caddle and Checkout 51; you get cash back for purchases. If you’re on your phone or tablet you have to go to the app first, then find the store you want to shop from. Ebates currently works with  hundreds of stores across Canada. Once you find the store you want, click shop now and it will take you to the store’s website and you continue shopping like normal. Once your transaction has been completed Ebates will pay you a certain percentage of your purchase total as cash back. These cash back percentages vary depending on the store and often there are double cash back days so that makes your savings even greater! If you do a lot of your shopping online this is definitely an app/website you want to check out! If you do decide you want to sign up, here’s my referral link which gets me a little savings just for referring you, click here to see.

PC Optimum

If you shop at Loblaws, Real Canadian Superstore, No Frills, Zehrs, Joe Fresh and/or Shoppers Drug Mart then you want to be using the PC Optimum app. This app is all about earning points which you can then redeem for a certain dollar value at any of their 2,500 participating retail stores. I’ve used this app (formerly known as PC Points) for years and have gotten hundreds of dollars worth of free groceries using the points which I’ve loved!


This is my go to budgeting app. Mint works through their app or website online. It’s a great tool to help track your spending so you can see where your money is going every month as well as a great tool to help create realistic budgets that you can easily track, manage and stay on top of. It clearly shows you months where you may have spent more than you made which leads to a vicious debt trap. It can help you understand your financial situation and easily manage it to achieve your financial goals all without the fancy spreadsheets and calculations. 😉


Improving my lifestyle is also a mental game for me. I want to be continually learning and growing, so I’ve found podcasts that I can listen to on my drives. There’s a huge range of topics on the Apple podcast app that you can listen too, but I’ve just listed a couple of my favourites.  I’ve found podcasts like HerMoney with Jean Chatzky, Profit Boss Radio and Couple Money Podcasts, that talk about money and different financial situations and solutions. I’ve also found podcasts like the Feel Good Effect and That’s so Maven by the Health Maven, that talk about health and creating a healthy lifestyle. It’s great to hear from a range of people on different topics to get me thinking and to constantly be learning.


While I love technology and my phone, I also like to keep an eye on how often I’m on it. I always want to present with the people around me and not a slave to my phone. I forget how I stumbled across this app, likely a magazine I was reading, but I’m really glad I did. Moment is an app that tracks how often you are on your phone and the amount of time you spend on each app on your phone (ahem Facebook). This is a really great eye opener and if you choose to upgrade to premium they can actually help you to decrease the amount of time your on your phone as well.

Do you have any favourite apps you love to use on your phone? Share them in the comments below!

10 Of My Favourite Apps I Use Everyday - Kristi Rex Photography

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