4 Key Things To Writing The Best Thank You Speech

On your wedding day, you want to thank the people who helped to make your big day so special. To help make sure you get that message across to everyone, today’s blog post will help you to write the best thank you speech.

Keep It Short

As the bride and groom you’ll probably be the last to give a speech so keeping it short is considerate to your guests who have heard all of the speeches. Keeping it short and sweet will keep the attention of your guests while still getting your point across.

Write It Together

This thank you is coming from both of you so make sure you both contribute to writing what you want to say. Brainstorm what you want to say, write it out and decide who’s going to say what. If one of you is more confident speaking, than consider having that person say most of the lines, but make sure you both play a part in saying thank you.


It’s hard to wing a speech. Write out your speech so you can practise and this will make you feel more comfortable when it comes time to share it. Since your speech is short, the practise will also help so you won’t have to read from your notes when you’re giving the speech as well.

Thank Everyone

This is the whole point of your speech; to give thanks. Make sure you give your VIPs mention by name (ie. parents, bridal party and anyone else who played an important role in your wedding). You can also thank your guests as a whole for sharing in your special day and being there for the celebration. End the thank you by thanking each other. You both put a lot of effort into creating your dream wedding and the day is about the two of you getting married so it’s a key point. In the end just be sincere and express your gratitude for everyone’s efforts.

4 Key Things to Writing the Best Thank You Speech - Kristi Rex Photography


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