4 Tips To Help Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses

Just like when you bought your wedding dress, do a little research and see what your options are for your bridesmaids dresses. Get an idea for what styles and colours or colour schemes you like. While you’re looking around you also want to take some key things into consideration before you decide on what you really want.

Style & Feel of The Dresses

The style and feel of the bridesmaid dresses should reflect that of your wedding style. If you’re having a formal, elegant wedding the bridesmaids dresses will differ from those than if you were having a romantic, rustic wedding. You also need to decide if you want all of your girls to wear long or short dresses, or a mixture of the two. Again this will be affected by the style of your wedding and maybe the season (if it’s an outdoor wedding) as well.

The great thing about today’s modern weddings is that the tradition of all bridesmaids wearing the exact same dress and colour is a thing of the past. You certainly can choose to do this if you’d like, but you can also let your bridesmaids show some of their personality and uniqueness by letting them choose different styles and/or colours. One way of doing this is to choose the fabric, length and colour, then let your bridesmaids choose the rest. By letting them choose different necklines or styles it allows them to choose something they love and are comfortable in. Also instead of asking your girls what they want in a dress style, ask them if there’s anything they aren’t comfortable wearing. This will help to narrow down the style selection so that everyone will choose something they look awesome in while still being comfortable.

Colours & Colour Schemes

The first place you’re going to start is with the colour scheme you choose for your wedding. For tips to help choose your wedding colour scheme, read my past blog post here. Once those colours have been decided you can choose a colour that you’d like as a main colour and that’s typically the colour of the bridesmaids dresses. Things that could change this is if your main colour is not flattering on all of the skin tones in your bridal party. You want something that’s going to work well with everyone.


When your bridesmaids order their dresses, make sure they order the right size. Typically when dresses are ordered in they take measurements and choose the size off of the biggest measurements, which is likely a size larger than they normally wear. By doing this the dress can then be altered to the fit the smaller measurements and ensures a perfect fit for everybody. It’s recommended that all bridesmaids get their dresses 6-8 months before the wedding as this gives them time for the dress to be ordered in and for alterations to be made in advance.  Also make sure your bridesmaids are aware of any special undergarments they may need for their style of dress; more specifically strapless or one shoulder dresses.


Being considerate of any budget concerns of your bridesmaids is key. If any of your girls have been in a bridal party before, then they’ll know that bridesmaids pay for their own dresses. Any girls who haven’t been in a bridal party before may not know this, so let them know what they can expect so there aren’t any surprises later on.

4 Tips To Help Choose Your Bridesmaid Dresses - Kristi Rex Photography

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  1. Your articles are always so full of great tips. Thank you for the resources.

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