5 Things Guests Need To Know Before The Wedding

It’s common for guests to have lots of questions about your wedding since each wedding is unique. To help prepare you for some of the inevitable questions you may get, I’ve put together a list of 5 things guests need to know before the wedding.

1. Are kids allowed at the wedding?

If kids won’t be invited to the wedding you want this to be clear from the beginning so there isn’t any confusion later on. This detail is best shared by putting it on your wedding invitations. You don’t want to directly say, no kids, but be clear by specifically addressing the envelope to those who are invited (ie. the parents only). You can also share this info on your wedding website as well. By having the early notice it will give your friends and family time to make arrangements for child care.

2. Do they get to bring a guest?

Deciding on who can bring a guest to your wedding and who cannot is a difficult choice. Often because of budget or venue size you aren’t able to extend a plus one to all of your guests. For those people who you are allowing to bring a guest, make sure to write their name “and guest” on the invitation. For those who won’t be allowed to bring a guest, make it clear by just writing their name only on the invitation. You may still receive a phone call asking for clarification, so be prepared to answer, but stay true to your decision. In a past blog post here, I explain to wedding guests why they may not be allowed to bring a guest with them to a wedding and what to expect.

3. Is there a dress code?

No one likes to be under dressed or over dressed when it comes to weddings, so your guests will appreciate a little bit of direction in regards to dress code. You can put this information on your invitations as well as including it on your wedding website if you have a FAQ section.

4. Are you having an unplugged ceremony?

Asking your guests to take a break from technology for your wedding ceremony really isn’t asking too much. An unplugged ceremony allows you and your guests to enjoy the moment. Also when you look back at your wedding photos you’ll be able to see everyone’s faces instead of seeing everyone’s devices in front of their faces. Give your guests notice ahead of time about this by including it on your invitations, adding it on your wedding website as well as having it posted on a welcome sign near the entrance at your ceremony location.

5. Is there going to be an open bar?

Open bars are expensive. Period. Choosing to go with something not as expensive as an open bar, such as a cash, toonie, or limited bar is completely understandable. Finding out that there isn’t an open bar during the wedding can be a let down as well though. To avoid this let down, make sure to give your guests notice beforehand so they can be prepared (aka have cash). Again this is great information to share on your wedding website! If you want to read more tips about wedding websites, head on over to my past blog post here.

5 Things Guests Need To Know Before The Wedding - Kristi Rex Photography

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