The Latest Books Crossed Off Of My Reading List

Ready for another update on my 2018 reading list? In my last blog post, here, I talked about the first two books I read in 2018 and my thoughts about them. Today I’m going to talk about the next four books I crossed off of my reading list!

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg

This book explains how habits are created, why they exist and how they can be changed. I would rate this book 5 stars for sure! I really learned a lot about how our mind works and how we really rely on habits for most things we do everyday. “Habits, scientists say, emerge because the brain is constantly looking for ways to save effort.” We do most things in our lives on automatic mode, we don’t have to think about what we’re doing which allows our mind to think of other things. Can you imagine having to relearn how to drive a car every time we wanted to go somewhere? Habits are why we can listen to music or a podcast while we’re driving; because the act of driving (especially on a route we’ve done so often) is a habit we don’t have to think about. The amount of habits we have is amazing to me. In the book, Charles goes over various habits and explains how some companies use our habits to their sale/marketing advantage. One example is brushing our teeth. I’m not going to explain it all (come on you really want to and should read the book to find out 😉 ). I found this book to be really fascinating and would highly recommend anyone to read it, especially if you’re looking to make some changes in your life.

What I’m Going To Implement From This Book

The book explains the three parts of a habit, the trigger, routine, and reward, and that in order to change a habit you need to keep the trigger and reward the same but change the routine. So for the habits that I want to change to create a better and healthier lifestyle for myself, I now know I need to pay close attention to what my triggers, routines and rewards are, and look at how I can change the routine after I’ve been triggered. Willpower was also talked about in the book. I learned that by creating more good habits I will use less willpower which will lead me to stay on the right track to achieving my goals throughout the day. This will prevent bad decisions being made at the end of the day when I have no willpower if the habit is already established.

The Wellness Project by Phoebe Lapine

This book “teaches us the strategies we need to tune in to our bodies, learn what feels right and what doesn’t, and find our own sweet spot between health and hedonism, wherever it may lie.” I came across this book through an interview I heard on one of the podcasts I listen to in the mornings. Listening to Phoebe in the interview she talked about experimenting and finding what works for your body. Her book follows her journey over a year where she makes one lifestyle change each month. At the end of the year she reviewed what worked and what didn’t and how her body felt. I thought this would be a great book to read as I’m looking to develop my own better lifestyle as well. I enjoyed this book because it has lots of different ideas about what being healthy is and it teaches about experimenting and finding what works for you which I really enjoyed. When someone tells you to try something new you’re apprehensive, but hearing that they tried something new and recommend it you’re more likely to try it. I liked this book because not only was Phoebe talking about different lifestyle changes to create a healthier lifestyle, but you also get to read about her experiences as she tries them herself which I really enjoyed.

What I’m Going To Implement From This Book

This book really taught me the importance of having a good support team of health professionals to help you create your best and healthiest lifestyle while also listening to your body and understanding it’s cycles and different needs. Another key point I’m taking away from this book is that your body needs rest. In today’s world, with social media always talking about hustle and being busy as the top priority, it’s important to also have times of rest to allow your body to recoup, recover and take care of itself. We only have this body so we need to take care of it.

You Are A Badass At Making Money by Jen Sincero

I’ve previously read Jen Sincero’s book ‘You Are A Badass’ and I loved it so I had a pretty good feeling about this book as well. I was right of course. I would rate ‘You Are A Badass At Making Money’ five stars for sure. Jen’s style of writing is so inspirational but so real. Nothing is candy-coated she just tells it like it is with a little humour. Money is often a taboo topic for most people and this book really focuses on changing that through your mindset and really deciding what it is you want when it comes to money. A lot of people worry about money and how they’re going to pay bills and accomplish what they want in life (ahem me and most likely most people reading this!) but as Jen says in the book, “worrying is praying for stuff you don’t want.”

What I’m Going To Implement From This Book

When it comes to money, a lot of it comes down to your mindset around money. Some people may feel weird when it comes to wanting more money (or at least saying that out loud) as they may think that makes them seem greedy. “A healthy desire for wealth is not greed, it’s a desire for life.” I’ve decided to not feel weird about money, get crystal clear on what I want to accomplish in life and how money is going to help me get there, have faith that it will happen, and make it happen.

The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod

I truly feel that reading The Miracle Morning after reading the previous three books helped me to catch and reinforce the key points that I read in the previous books. One example is the constant mention of habits that goes along with what I read and learned from the book The Power of Habit. “The first 10 days of implementing any new habit, or ridding yourself of any old habit can feel almost unbearable. … The problem for most people is that they don’t realize that this seemingly unbearable first 10 days is only “temporary”. … While days 11-20 are not unbearable, they are still uncomfortable and will require discipline and commitment on your part. … The final 10 days is where you positively reinforce and associate pleasure with your new habit.” Another key point I got was in regards to how we view food and the thoughts that lead to us valuing food over our weight loss goals; “start valuing the health benefits and energy consequences of the foods we eat as much as or more than the taste”. This book was a good short read with practical ideas. It focuses mostly on mentality and the mind-body connection. It’s the simple actions that we create into habits that allow us to achieve what we want out of life.

What I’m Going To Implement From This Book

I’ve started doing my own Miracle Morning. Regardless of how much time I have in the morning I make sure to do the six basic tasks outlined in the book (Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading and Scribing). This has helped me to be more focused in the morning and intentional with my time throughout the day too.

A lot of these books talk about mentality and simple concepts to put into place to be successful and achieve what you want in life. Learning all of this has me focused on the things I can change in my life and in my mind to get where I want to be in every aspect of my life, career, finances, and relationships. I’m currently working my way through book seven in my twenty-four book goal for this year. If you have any suggestions for books that have made an impact in your life or that you loved reading, write the book names in the comments below!

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