The Key 4 Bridal Accessories You Want To Think About

Accessories are what help make you feel like a bride and also create your own unique look. In today’s blog post I’m going to cover four key accessories to help create your perfect wedding look.


A necklace, pair of earrings and sometimes even a bracelet or two is common bridal jewellery accessories. Your style and your wedding dress will help you to choose a more glitzy jewellery choice or a more simple choice. If your hair is in an amazing updo you may decide for go for a statement pair of earrings. If your dress has a great neckline you may instead choose to accent that with a beautiful necklace. Or if you want to keep it simple and elegant you can choose to wear no jewellery except for your engagement ring.


Your bridal look includes every detail from head to toe, so your shoes are an important touch. You want your shoes to look good, make you feel confident, but also still be comfortable. Take into consideration your ceremony and reception location when choosing your shoes. If you’re getting married outside then stilettos may not be the best choice, maybe instead opt for a pair of sandals or wedges. To read more about choosing the right shoes for your wedding day, check out my past blog post here.


The only time you get to wear a veil is when you’re a bride. If you’ve ever watched Say Yes to the Dress on TV you’ve often seen ladies reactions to how they look when they see themselves in a bridal gown and a veil. It’s that moment where you really feel like you’re a bride. Now if you choose to not wear a veil on your wedding day, then it’s your day, and don’t, but I highly recommend at least trying one on when you’re dress shopping to see how it looks and feels. You want the style of your veil to work with the style of your wedding dress. This may mean a lace edge to match the lace in your dress, or a little bit of sparkle throughout your veil to go with your stunning dress. Also take into consideration the length of your veil. In order of length (starting with shortest) veils coming in shoulder length, blusher length, fingertip length, floor length, and cathedral length. With so many options be sure to find the best fit for your style and your dress.

Cover Up

If you’re having a fall or winter wedding a cover up or jacket is a functional piece you may want. Now you don’t need to just wear your coat, you can always get something that is functional while still being beautiful for photos. A faux fur stole or wrap or a lace jacket or bolero could be a great addition to your bridal look.

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