Wedding Questions You Can Answer On Your Wedding Website

You may not be familiar with wedding websites, but they can a useful tool to answer questions you may otherwise be repeatedly asked by your guests. Your wedding website will save you time from having to answer the same things over and over again, while also answering questions your guests may not have thought of or didn’t want to bother you with. Today I’m going to walk you through the key information you want to make sure is on your wedding website to make life easy for you!

Location & Addresses

Make sure the location for both your ceremony and your reception are clearly written out (ideally with a map) on your website. This helps people from out-of-town easily find directions. If parking will be a concern, or if there is shuttles make this information prominent as well. Also be clear if your ceremony and/or reception will be outdoors so people can prepare accordingly.


Many wedding websites have an online RSVP section so if this is the how you’re doing your wedding RSVPs, make sure this section is easy to find and navigate. Also make sure the RSVP deadline date is clearly shown as well.

Dress Code

If there’s a dress code for your wedding, the wedding website is a great place to share this information. Additionally,  if you have specific requests for what your guests wear or don’t wear (like colours) this is where you want to share this information.

Activities & Hotels

If you’ve reserved hotel room blocks for your guests, this information should be shared on your wedding website. To help your out-of-town guests you may also want to suggest local places to check out or visit while they’re in town as well.


If you’ve chosen to invite children or not, make it clear on your wedding website so you don’t have to constantly answer this question. People will understand your situation and choice either way, but by giving parents notice ahead of time it gives them time to make arrangements in advance.


It’s common for there to be dietary concerns, allergies, or people who eat alternative diets/foods at most weddings. It’s important to get this information beforehand so you can be prepared. Add a section to your RSVPs or have a separate page just for people to let you know of any dietary concerns, food allergies or if they would prefer a vegan or vegetarian option.

Gift Registry

Having a separate page or section just for listing your gift registry information is really helpful. This is one of those questions you’ll be asked repeatedly and will be a huge time saver to just direct everyone to your website for this info.

These are just some of the basics that you’ll want to include on your wedding website. You can always customize and personalize your site to coordinate with your wedding vision and add more information and or photos. To read more about wedding website tips, check out my past blog post here.

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