How To Introduce Your Parents To Your In-Laws

It’s best to have your parents meet your fiancé’s parents before your wedding day. Expect that you (or even your parents) may be nervous, but here are some things to help the whole thing go smoothly.

Don’t Wait

While it may be tempting to just wait till the wedding day to have your parents meet, it’s not recomended. Arranging a time to get together shortly after your engagement is ideal. This keeps everything relaxed and you’re not deep into the wedding planning throes yet, so you’ll be less stressed.

Choose The Right Place

The whole reason for this time is for your parents to get to know each other and talk. For that reason, maybe don’t choose the super trendy restaurant and choose something more casual and quieter instead. This could mean a local restaurant or even your own home; the key is having everyone feel comfortable.

Give Some Notes

You don’t need to give your parents the whole life story of your in-laws, but it helps if they have some ice breakers or know of common interests. This includes things like their hobbies, jobs and personal interests or projects. Since they don’t know each other, you’re role is to help get conversations started since you know you’re parents and in-laws and what they like. Also be sure to avoid ‘hot topics’ like politics and religion, especially if you know the parents don’t share similar thoughts about them.

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