Wedding Planning Tips I’ve Learned From Planning My Own Wedding

The countdown is real now! 31 days till our wedding! I’ve had my hair and makeup trials and also finished my first wedding dress fitting, just one left to go. We have our wedding rings and RSVPs are almost all in. Things are good!

I’ve learned a few things along this wedding planning journey. It’s easy to forget the little details. It’s also really easy to be disorganized. For me having a notebook where I wrote everything in was very helpful. I managed my RSVPs online through our wedding website and every other detail, plan and question was written in my notebook. Everything from our initial guest list to our first dance song list is written down. For some people a binder may be a better way to go. The key thing is to just find something that works for you and stick with it. This book or binder is important to bring along when you’re sitting down with key wedding people like your parents or maid of honour so that when they have questions you can easily reference things in your book and answer them, or jot the questions down to remember to ask the appropriate people/vendors later. I also used a bag to keep my notebook, pens, wedding day schedule, RSVP cards, and gift receipts together and in one place. My notebook also helped me to list out roles and tasks I could delegate out to friends and family that I knew could help.

Another key thing to remember when wedding planning is to not get too caught up in the Pinterest world. It’s so easy to pin hundreds of things and want your wedding to look as picture perfect as every pin. If you have an unlimited budget and are okay with spending lots of money to hire the professionals to create that Pinterest look, than that’s okay. But if you’re looking to stay on a budget, no matter what the size, you’re going to have to be more realistic and down to earth about what things you’ll replicate from Pinterest and what things you’ll have to forgo. You can still have a beautiful wedding without all of the Pinterest things. You have to be strategic with your time and money though. If you’re the only one who’s going to notice or care about a certain decoration or look, then maybe it’s not worth your time or money, which could be better spent doing something else. Figure out what your priorities are and focus most of your time and money on those couple of things. You’ll learn about compromise as you plan your wedding. But in the end you’ll still end up with a beautiful wedding all about the celebration of you and your fiancé’s love!

If you have any wedding planning tips and/or advice for those brides still in the planning process, feel free to write in the comments below!

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