When To Wear Your Veil On Your Wedding Day

The veil. A traditional piece that most brides choose to wear on their wedding day. Today I’m going to dive a little deeper into the best times to wear your veil on your wedding day!

While the veil looks beautiful in photographs, when you’re actually wearing it on your wedding day you’ll find out that they can actually be difficult to maneuver in. For this reason you may not decide to wear your veil as long as you may have originally thought. One recommendation is to just wear you veil after your first look and put it in before you walk down the aisle for the ceremony. There’s a few good reasons behind doing this. Wearing your veil as you walk down the aisle will be a different look your groom hasn’t seen from you, so it can be a great surprise for the ceremony. By not wearing your veil at the first look, it will also not be in the way or disrupt the moment if your groom gives you a big hug, which could possibly pull your veil out. You’ll also have more variety of photographs as you’ll have portraits with your veil and without which gives you two different looks. If you have a very long veil you’ll also keep it from being wrinkled or damaged before the ceremony which is helpful.

Putting this much thought and decision into your veil may never have crossed your mind as something to think about. For us photographers though, these are a couple of things that could be helpful for you to consider. In all honesty though, your veil is such a small portion of your wedding planning that it’s not a big deal. If you decide you want to wear your veil all day because you paid good money for it, then you do you! It’s your day, so do what makes you most happy!

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