8 Things No One Tells You About Weddings

On my blog I try to bring the most helpful information I can to my brides. After just getting married myself in August, I feel like I can bring a whole new level of information and insight to other brides now. So today I’m going to share 8 things no one tells you about weddings.

1. You’ll Definitely Cry (But It May Not Be When You’d Expect To)

I expected to cry on my wedding day, tears of joy of course, but I didn’t cry as much as a I thought. Seeing yourself all done up beautifully as a bride is defiantly a moment that can cause you to tear up. Seeing your groom all dressed up in a tux, makes things feel very real. For me it was walking down the aisle. Walking down the aisle to my soon-to-be husband whose my best friend. That filled me with so much joy and happiness that I was definitely emotional. But want to know a funny fact? That moment hit me during our rehearsal the night before. I bawled at our rehearsal (multiple times). Now I’m an emotional person, but I don’t normally express my emotions publicly like that, so I was completely taken aback by that. Even if you’re not an emotional person, expect to feel more emotions than normal, it is your wedding day after all! But the biggest tip I can share is don’t place expectations on you or your groom for how you’ll react and/or cry during your wedding day. Just be you and enjoy!

2. Your Face Will Likely Hurt From Smiling So Much

Aside from all of the portrait time on your wedding day where you’ll naturally be smiling a lot, you’ll also be smiling because it’s going to be the best day ever! You’re marrying your best friend and are surrounded by your friends and family, of course you’re smiling all day long!

3. You’ll Be Overwhelmed By The Love & Support From Your Family & Friends

Having your family and friends all coming together to support you and your spouse on your wedding day is overwhelming. It’s amazing to be able to talk, laugh, and reminisce with everyone all together as well. If your friends and family have helped with any part of the planning process, DIY projects, or just eased your life in any way during the planning process, you will be so unbelievably grateful. For me anytime I tried to say thank you to any of our family or friends for their help and support with everything, I got very emotional. It was just so overwhelming to have their  help with everything, and there’s no way it all could have happened like it did without them.

4. You’ll Want Some Alone Time

A lot is happening on your wedding day so it’s great to just take a moment, breathe, and take it all in. Take a moment just the two of you to pause and take it in together. After our ceremony while we were traveling to our portrait location, it was great to just talk with Aaron alone. Every other moment of the day we were surrounded by friends and family, which was great, but it was also nice to just have a quiet moment to ourselves as well.

5. It Won’t All Go As Planned

Something is likely to go wrong during the wedding. It could be little or big, but in the end it likely won’t matter at the end of the day. Ask yourself it will matter in the big picture or does it affect if you or your guests are having fun. If you don’t answer yes to any of those questions then don’t sweat it! When in doubt ask your point person or someone else you trust to handle it so you can continue to enjoy your day. My experience with this was kind of funny. During the planning process I was meticulous and knew exactly how I wanted things displayed or how they should look. The day of the wedding I noticed a couple of things that weren’t as planned and I just didn’t care. I reminded myself no one else was going to notice so I shouldn’t waste the energy stressing about it on my big day. Advice I would highly recommend to all brides.

6. Someone Close To You Is Likely To Let You Down & Someone You Never Expected Will Totally Step Up

This is something you’d never expect but I found to be true, and I know I’m not the only one. Not everyone can handle the stress or chaos of your wedding on top of whatever’s going on in their life. Unfortunately that may mean they can’t fully be there for you or do what you wanted or expected of them on your wedding day or during the wedding planning. Regardless of what happens talk it out and don’t let it fester until someone explodes. You want to keep the relationship after the wedding so don’t let anything ruin it. The plus side is the opposite is true. It’s likely someone you would never have expected will step up and help you. It could be a distant family member you never see or another guest who helps you to finish your DIY projects for example. Either way, make sure you express your gratitude for their help!

7. The Post-Wedding Blues Are Real & They Suck

The post-wedding blues is something I had heard about but wasn’t really sure what they were all about. The months and days building up to the wedding are super exciting and everyone’s always talking to you about the planning and how everything is going. Then it’s the day of the wedding! The ultimate day of excitement! Afterwards you may go on a honeymoon, which continues the excitement or you may decide not to in which case your life goes back to normal routine. The days after the wedding and/or honeymoon you start to feel this sense of “Now what?” as the excitement is over now. Now that you don’t have planning meetings with your friends and/or family you may not talk to them as often and it’s a weird feeling. The best thing I’ve found is to find another project or activity so you can keep your mind occupied and keep yourself busy. Eventually you’ll adjust and be back to normal, but until then be gentle with yourself and realize it’s totally normal to feel what you’re feeling.

8. It Goes By Way Too Quick

Everyone says it, the wedding day will go by so quick. You won’t realize just how quick until it’s your wedding day and you blink and it’s over. Just kidding! It’s not that quick but it did seem to fly by that’s for sure! There’s so much that’s going on that it blurs and blends together when you try to remember back on what actually happened or was said on your wedding day. One way to help remember is to hire a professional photographer and videographer. They’ll capture all of the big moments and likely the little moments you didn’t see but will definitely appreciate!

So that’s my advice and I hope you find that helpful to know! If you have any other tips for brides-to-be out there, feel free to share them in the comments below!

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