8 Things To Do After Your Wedding Day

After the wedding day it can be a bit of a shock. The big event that you were planning for over a year likely, has now come and gone. Adjusting back to the normal routine after the wedding can take some time, so to help you decide what to do next, I’ve created a list of 8 things to do after your wedding day is over.

Have Your Wedding Dress Cleaned And/Or Preserved

Even if you don’t think your daughter will wear your dress ever, it doesn’t hurt to have your dress cleaned so that it can still be kept in pristine shape.

Order Your Wedding Album

This is a step that can be so easily forgotten especially when we all get caught up in just sharing our wedding photographs on social media. It’s really important though to get your album ordered, especially if the album was part of your photography package. Wedding albums are a great family heirloom and are beautiful to look at for years to come, so make sure you get it finished. If your photographer creates the first draft then be sure to respond right away, otherwise you can always start by choosing your favourites and then designing your album from there.

Review Your Vendors

Your vendors were a big key to making your wedding day as flawless as it was. Leaving a review not only helps your vendors to book other clients, but it also helps other brides-to-be to find the best vendors, like yours, so it’s good karma to help them connect.

Return or Exchange Any Unwanted Wedding Gifts

Even if you have a wedding registry you’re still likely to receive duplicate or not really your style gifts. Don’t delay in exchanging or returning these gifts as they usually have a time limit to do so.

Send Your Thank You Cards

This is an important task you want to cross off of your to-do list as soon as you can. The longer you leave it the more likely you are to forget someone or even forget to write them at all. If you’re avoiding this task simply because you don’t know where to start, read my past blog post about thank you cards here.

Purchase Gifts You Didn’t Receive And Still Want

It’s common to not get every piece in a set that you really wanted, so make a point of getting the remaining pieces in your set as soon as you can. While some stores do offer a discount on items that are still on your registry after the wedding day, there is usually a time limit to do so, so don’t delay.

Figure Out What You Want To Do With Your Wedding Dress & Wedding Decor

After the wedding, you may find all of your wedding decor has taken over every spare inch in your home and you just really want to declutter. Nowadays it’s very common to find wedding buy and sell groups where you can sell your wedding items online to other soon-to-be brides. Or you could have a garage sale, sell them on Kijiji, keep some for your home decor, donate them or just toss them in the trash. Whatever you decide, know that you’ll be much happier to have decluttered after the wedding.

Start The Process to Legally Change Your Name

If you’ve decided to change your name to your spouse’s, then now is the time to do so. The longer you wait the more headaches you’ll likely cause yourself and you may increase the odds of loosing your marriage license. 😉

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