What You Need To Know About The First Look

Today I’m going to talk about something most brides have likely heard about, the first look. For you traditional brides out there I want you to keep an open mind and hear my reasoning for why I believe first looks are great.

Likely your reasoning behind not wanting to do a first look is because you’re looking to get a reaction from your groom when he first sees you in your wedding dress. You may think that by doing a first look you’ll lose the moment of getting this reaction.

Let me share some info with you that I’ve gained from photographing many weddings as well as my own personal experience. A wedding day is a stressful event. You as the bride and groom know that all eyes are on you and you have this huge pressure to look perfect on your wedding day. You’re worried about being on time and not forgetting any detail that you planned out beforehand. The hours leading up to the wedding ceremony are usually hectic and nerves are growing. When the ceremony does start, everyone’s watching the groom and bride for first reactions and they all have their own expectations for how both the bride and groom will react. I’ll tell you walking down the aisle is a big moment! But at that moment you may just want a private moment to yourselves, just the two of you. Traditionally this won’t happen until after your ceremony, which can seem like a long time. With a first look this private moment happens before the ceremony even begins. This allows for the nerves to calm down and for you and your groom to spend more of the day together, which is definitely more enjoyable. You get to actually laugh and enjoy in your wedding day together more. Also if you or your groom are more quiet or don’t prefer to express emotions publicly, then having the private moment with just the two of you gets to be more memorable for you as you’re both free to say or do whatever you want with none of your guests watching.

After the first look, you’ll have time for romantic couple portraits of just the two of you. Once those are done you’ll be joined by your friends for the bridal party portraits. What’s great about this is that you can truly enjoy this portrait time without feeling rushed or pushed to keep a schedule because you know your guests aren’t waiting for you to finish. It’s wonderful!

When your ceremony starts, and your groom is standing at the end of the aisle waiting for you, he’ll just have a huge grin on his face looking at you, his beautiful bride. He’ll be able to enjoy the moment because the nerves are gone and he’s just excited to get married to you.

Now if you decide to not do a first look, that is completely your choice! It’s your wedding, your day, do things the way you want. But if you want my opinion, there are a few more benefits to doing a first look that I believe you should consider.

  • Doing a first look ensures you’ll have more portraits of the two of you as you’ll spend more time together on your wedding day.
  • You’ll have time for a private moment with just you and your groom. Traditionally at a ceremony a groom won’t be able to even tell you how gorgeous you look until after the ceremony which can cause the moment and initial thoughts to pass by.
  • You’ll spend more time together on your wedding day! Normally your day wouldn’t start till the ceremony begins, then you have to rush through portraits so the reception is on time. With a first look you gain a couple hours of time to be together and for more portraits. This gives you more time to relax, have fun, and get great images with your VIPs, your bridal party.
  • You get rid of the nerves. After the initial reaction, you just get to spend time together and relax, so you’re better able to actually enjoy your ceremony without being a nervous wreck.

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