What To Splurge On For Your Wedding

First and foremost before you go and splurge on anything, you need to sit down and decide on a budget with your fiancé for your wedding. The last thing you want to do is to find out you’ve put yourselves in major debt all just for your wedding day. For tips to help create your perfect wedding budget, read my past blog post here. Once you’ve decided on a budget and know what your priorities are, you can allocate more money towards your priorities. But if you’re looking for advice on where your money can be best spent for your dream wedding then keep reading, because I’ve shared tips for where to splurge on your wedding day!


Now I may be a little biased for this one, being a photographer and all, but I’m not the only one who will tell you to hire a good photographer. While it may be tempting to hire the budget photographer because you want to keep costs down, there are many advantages to splurging on your wedding photography. When you’re choosing your photographer you want to choose someone based on their experience, knowledge, and photographic style and not just for what they charge. Your photographs will capture those moments on your wedding day that will never be repeated, so you want someone who’s skilled enough to capture all of your wedding day moments beautifully. These images are something you’ll always look back on in your wedding album, so you want images that aren’t blurry, cropped at odd angles, or not colour corrected.

DJ or Live Band

Nothing is worse than a dead dance floor at your wedding. To get the party started and to keep it going, make sure you  hire a good live music band or DJ. Communication is key so make sure you express your must-play songs and first dance songs to your DJ or band so they can ensure the best music for your big day!

Hair & Makeup Artists

While you can certainly opt to do your own hair and makeup or have a very talented friend do it, there’s just something special about having it done by a professional. Hiring a good hair and makeup artist means they’ll use great quality products and have the knowledge to make sure your bridal look lasts all day long and looks amazing for your photographs. This is definitely a splurge you won’t regret.


I recommend spending money on your wedding venue, but you don’t have to spend huge amounts. By splurging more on a venue you’ll likely be able to spend less on decor as the venue is naturally already beautiful and doesn’t require it. A good venue will also have good staff who will help to accomplish your dream wedding vision. Great staff provide great service which ensures your guests comfort, help your vendors preform to the best of their abilities and you can rest easy knowing it’s all in good hands.

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